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You don't need to agree, or to even post a reply.. just read and I wont feel like I've wasted my time

Something to ponder:
I hate it when the topic of debate is abortion, and those Pro-Choice automatically bring up #### victims, BUT then when those Pro-Life bring up religion its considered taboo and naive. Then those Pro-Choice want to say 'Oh, well.. What if the mothers not ready...?' 
If you're ready to MAKE a child, you're obviously ready to HAVE the child.. But, lets just say the girl decides to have the abortion. All it means is, when she finally IS ready for children, there's an almost 15% higher chance of a miscarriage .. And every miscarriage increases your chance for ANOTHER miscarriage , so basically she becomes infertile and decides to adopt.. 
And thats ust her hoping the dream child she's always wanted wasn't aborted by some girl who 'Just wasn't ready..'

I do not like bad grammar, and there is a high chance of me correcting you.

Yes Stormie-chan is back once again.
Kon'nichiwa, futatabi min'na!
(Hello Agin Everyone!)

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