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Anna and Ruby's Private RP

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We know what it's about ha (: Forms? Name Age Looks Personality Other

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Anna and Ruby's Private RP

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Name: Anthony Raymond Stalon
Age: 18
Looks: Freddie Highmore
Personality: Anthony loves writing and is from a very powerful and rich family. He is a realist who has never felt love. he was molded at a young age to fit his family's perfect image but now knows that they were purely just using him. He hopes to go to school and become a geologist or something of the sort. He doesn't take kindly to his parents money though so he is working to earn the money himself. He loves good literature and is well edjucated. He thinks his sister is very unrealistic but loves ### ## ####### although she annoys him. He is his sisters protector and is very close with her.
Class: first class
Other: Is Hazel's older brother and is taking the titanic to move out to New york with his aunt.

Name: Hazel Annie Stalon
Age: 17
Looks: Lucy Hale
Personality: Hazel is a good listener and talker and is very compassionat. She doesn't always got along well with her stuck up parents and for that reason is moving with her brother to New York to stay with their aunt. She loves reading and is very close with her brother. She hates the labeling of rich and poor and of classes and ignores all the labels. Her parents have always had a tight grip around her but she has always craved freedom from them. She is a dreamer and an optismis.
Class: first class
Other: Is Anthony's younger sister and is taking the titanic to move away from her parents and going to New york to live with her aunt.

Loves music, acting and writing.
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I love everything to do with The Walking Dead.
I absolutely adore Norman Reedus.

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