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If you want to here's the form:

Appearance ( Anime pic please ):

My form:
Name: Kiza
Age: Appears 16, doesn't remember her real age
Gender: Female
Personality: Mature, childish at times, afraid of fire
Appearance: Kiza
Supernatural: Ice monster
Other: Princess of the ice monsters, 

Ice monster: When she turns into her ice monster form she looses almost all self control, all that keeps her sane is seeing the world with her human eyes. Most of the things she thinks about when in monster form is killing, feeling the scent of blood and other stuff like that. 

Human form: Even though she is in er human form she can control ice however she wants, she mainly wants to stay in that form since she is not as bloodthirsty in it. She acts like a normal teenage girl

Luka in a school uniform!!

Posted over 5 years ago

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My other form:

Name: Silvia
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet, not afraid to fight, loves music, loves to sing
Appearance: Silvia
Supernatural: Warewolf/Vampire/Dragon
Other: Sings beautifully

Warewolf: She is one of those warewolfs who transforms when it's full moon, she can't transform else. When she turns into warewolf she forgets everything about her true self and turns completly into a wolf wanting blood and human meat.

Vampire: She drinks human blood but can also eat human food since she's not fully a vampire. Her powers as a vampire are more active at night, she doesn't sleep at all. Since she is a vampire and a warewolf she runs faster then the eye can see and is strong

Dragon: She can transform into a dragon whenever she wants but rarely does it. She turns into a big white cat dragon which are extremly rare, there are only like four of them left

Luka in a school uniform!!

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