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looks( pics or description):

supernatural and if the person is not a supernatural put down a power: 



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Name: Kia
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Aggressive, loves to fight and is good at it, loves running
Looks: Kia
Supernatural: Warewolf

Name: Lacey 
Age: looks 14, real name unknown
Gender: Female
Personality: Creepy, looks innocent but is actually deadly, often depends on how everyone else is feeling
Looks: Lacey
Supernatural: She is the one and only Satan 
Other: Her eyes change color depending on how she is feeling

Luka in a school uniform!!

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Name: belle 
age:  she is really young so everybody thinks 6
gender:   Female 
personality: worried a lot, funny,cute, laughable

looks:  like my profile pic but without the ears

supernatural:  vampire

other: her eyes will change red when she is worried, scared, hungry, mad

Name: Leah 
age:  13
gender:  female
personality:  will really only be nice to close friends, caring, 

looks: brown hair, brown eyes

supernatural:  angel and part demon

other: takes care of belle


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