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[ sorry you get this after waiting so long. it's so terrible :c ]

Her eyes widened—suddenly a brighter, more vivid cerulean blue, laced with a sort of youthful joy that lit them from inside, pupils dilated like a cat’s in the dark—and a smile slowly spread across darkened lips. “Ah, are those waffle cones?” The blonde’s thin, studded heels clacked against the ground as she skipped up to the counter and gently gripped the glass edge, leaning forward until she tipped. “I haven’t had waffle cones in, well, forever,” Glancing over the rows of sweet flavours, her gaze lingered on each one as if not wanting to leave, her lips pursed tightly with a hesitance that would make anyone think she’d shared a long history with the cold cream, one she’d have to let go if she only glanced away. Orbs the colour of oceans stopped on the chocolate, staring at it with the intensity other girls eyed their crush's chiselled chests with, then glanced up at the almost frightened sever with a sharp, bird-like nod of ‘yes, I need this flavour’.

Her eyes rested fleetingly on Aiden, who watched her from the wall he leaned against in a casual smirk, almost laughing at her with a smirk that made her heart flutter dangerously in protest to its mischievousness. And if she hadn’t felt the same every time he smiled at her like that, looked at her like that, then she might have rushed to the hospital and complained of an impending heart attack. “O-oh, princess, is it?” Emiko stuttered out, hiding behind the flaxen ponytail that rested on her shoulder, and returning her eyes to the rich chocolate, praying silently that he didn’t notice the red that usurped her cheeks and attacked her nose—he must have been teasing, he didn’t like her, anyway. “W-we? A-are you a-asking me to stay out past c-curfew, w-with y-you?” She swallowed, threw away caution and turned to eye him again. “Well, hopefully, I don’t wake up behind a couch with a couple party hats on, right?”

Moments later, her cheeks flushed a deeper red as she clutched caution once again and slowly considered what that might have implied. “F-forget I s-said that, please.” Turning to shyly watch the man at the counter once more, just as he pressed a cone topped with a too-large scoop of ice cream that teetered scarily to one side into her hands, her head immediately tilting to let her lick the slow trickle of chocolate that flowed down the edge of the cone and whisper ‘thank you’. Emiko licked the ice cream itself, something resembling a soft groan pressing past black-chocolate painted lips, then smiled at Aiden. “Thanks. It’s really good. Makes me wonder how you don’t like ice cream, anyway, if you know somewhere like this.”


An overwhelmingly strong scent of metallic, syrupy red blood clung to him, a dizzying reminder of the death and destruction that he'd caused. With each shaky breath, the scent grew more pleasant, the disgusting urge to taste the spilled red threatening to overtake what little of his sanity he had left. With each hurried breath, he found the bloody bodies less repulsive, the sick feeling in his stomach cooling and his lips curving into a smile.
It was disgusting. He was a hardened murderer, a monster unworthy of life, staring at a bloody mess with a grin usurping his lips. It was a feeling worse than the indifference of his first kill, to know that he felt little remorse for tearing life away from innocent beach-goers and the tingling in his stomach was excitement. And the worst was that he felt nothing—no remorse, or pain, or sadness, or anything—for the pale corpse that he had only earlier embraced with bundles of brotherly love and protection. What type of person was he? To not care about anyone, not even his family? To not care that he’d killed them all without second thought? He wasn’t the demon king, was he? No, but who else could do this? And if he wasn’t, then wasn’t he just as bad as him, anyway? His stomach failed to turn at the lack of emotion with those thoughts, and he wanted to throw up at how little he cared, how ‘fine’ he felt.

Dark eyes widened as nails hooked his skin through thin shirt, arms wrapped around his bloody middle and squeezing tight in a hug. Shocked, he started, cringing at the gentle touch of the petite figure pressed against him. Tilting his head to see a thick head of black hair, body trembling with rocky sobs and wheezing, his arms wrapped hurriedly around her shoulders and his shoulder stung when he hugged tight, almost afraid she’d fade or disappear or simply leave. “Yumi—“ His voice, soft and gravelly hoarse, broke off at the sobs that came, in a voice he knew all too well, though not the one he’d expected to hear. 

“No, not her. Not now.” Not after he wanted his sister, not after he’d killed his sister. He didn’t want to see her. He didn’t want her to see him like this. “D-don’t touch me, I,” She ignored his whispers, traced his body with soft fingers, ushered him into the bath room and ruined a perfectly good dress to wipe him down. Barely daunting the blood that seeped into his clothing, she still laboured to clean him, tying her jacket around his arm to stop the trickle of red that flowed from his wound. “M-Mag, I—I can’t l-leave,” Daichi stuttered, his throat seemed to close up and his ears felt blocked, “I killed them. Mercy, I killed my sister, Mag. I killed a bunch of people. Innocent people. I can’t go. It’s wrong, I’m a criminal and they’ll find us anyway. Don’t get involved with me. Don’t touch me. I—“ He took a deep breath, steadying the tremor in his voice as he murmured “I’m a murderer.”

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(( I tried. This feels like an application to a bad shoujo club. ))

"You're sort of a clueless little girl, aren't you?" The teasing mutter pushed past a smirk as he dug through his pocket, producing a couple quarters and folded bills, placing them on the counter. His orange tie, now worked loose from around his neck, hung untied about the collar of his shirt. It looked a bit sloppy, but as he wasn't at school, no one could tell him otherwise. "I should hope you never have to experience that, in any case. Be as smart as you are and don't accept anything you yourself didn't make." He turned away as if to leave, running his hand up her forehead and flattening her bangs against her hair as he passed her. "But to answer your question, I don't really care much for ice cream either way. I only noticed this place when I moved here over the summer." Aiden waited by the door for the blonde to catch up, again holding it open and permitting an autumn breeze to blow gently past them into the parlor. He waited for her to exit, to hear the clicking of her heels to turn to heavy clacks against the pavement, before letting the door swing shut and mumbling under his breath to himself. "The audacity of them to tell me it was jello, jello doesn't come in plastic cups. No thanks, I said, I'm all right, I said. I never should have brought it up, now she's going to be going on about couches and party hats, isn't she. . ." He glanced sideways at her, but she seemed unaware of whatever he was saying, almost reminding him of a daydreaming student.

She astounded him, a child in the guise of a woman just for this one night of the year. The two contrary characteristics were too much to wrap one's mind around; the childish character in lady's clothing was baffling. Again he found himself attempting to look past the black blouse and skirt, the violet lipstick. If he squinted, he could remember the short blonde with a little-girl face, conch-pink lips and round cheeks. This facade didn't suit her at all. It was alluring, undoubtedly, but she could not have found a better way to disguise herself so completely. Though wasn't that the point of Halloween, to dress up as someone else, to be freed of inhibitions thanks to anonymity? That's what she would say.

"Can't you lighten up for once?" was what she'd said, twisting light hair around a finger. Even as she asked, she grinned, eyes crinkling--green eyes, green eyes that were always so glad to see him that they stay'd forever crinkled in that #######.

"The whole thing is stupid, Claire. It's just another consumerist holiday, just like Valentine's. That's all." His hand rested on the back of his neck, glance darting to the sky, not looking at her. "I think you look fine as you are."

She wasn't upset--she never seemed to be--she only laughed. "Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. It never hurts to get out there, try something new. And tomorrow, things will be the same as they always are. Happy?"

Green eyes that never cried, eyes he saw sad only once.

He couldn't take it from another. He had tried so hard to stay distanced, to pretend. He couldn't allow Emiko to get to him like she had, it would never work, he'd seen it already. But now here they both were, ambling down sidewalk on Halloween of all nights, breaking every rule he had placed over himself since then. But somehow it didn't really matter much.

"What made you change your mind?" He allowed his eyes to wander, searching for telltale lights, crowds. "You said you weren't going to wear a costume. And by the look of it, I can guess how this black number put itself together. You've found yourself a little meddler, haven't you? I caught her cutting class that day you asked to practice during physical education. You haven't been alone in this, am I right? I wonder about the company you keep." He turned back to her with a grin he wasn't able to suppress, smiling in an almost got you sort of way. He turned his eyes back to the pavement, watching their feet carry them foreward. "This whole thing--I knew it from the start, but I thought that you were only fooling yourself and that you'd soon get over it. I never really thought you would actually like me. Silly, isn't it?"

He had tried so hard to stay distanced. But now here they both were.

"There." He stopped suddenly in front of another building, one girl at what looked like a ticket booth a few yards before a door that appeared to be spilling costumed people and flashing colors. "They seem to be having more fun than we are. Let's see if we can get in."

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"I don't think you understand."

There was something innocent about the notion, a sweet sort of ignorance. He was so simple, so honestly himself, so ready to do the right thing and turn himself in that he didn't even consider what it meant.

Mag's small, thin hand placed itself on his own, resting over his in a carefully delicate way that the betrayed her fingers' inquisitive nature. She couldn't help but notice they were sticky with sanguine red, as if she had slain all those people herself. They traced over him lightly, before bringing his hand to his face.

"You're different than everyone else, you know. I've never seen anyone like you. Most can't tell right from wrong, and even if they can, they don't act on it. If there were more people like you, it could have spared me a lot of pain. Like you said, Daichi is exclusive, right?"

Their fingers entwined, she grasped his hand, brought it over her eyes as she guided it carefully downward.

"You never tried to fix me. You had a couple laughs at my expense in the beginning, but I can't blame you. I mean, everyone has. But you loved me."

She whispered the words over his skin as her lips met its coolness.

"So please don't ask me to leave, because I'll always love you. Even when you get sick of me."

Finally, she released him, allowing his hand to rest over her chest--her heart. It beat erratically, speeding up until she heard its thumping in her ears, before settling down to a thud.

"And so you can't allow anything to happen to you, not as long as I'm around. You'll have to protect yourself, and I'll protect you too. As long as mine still beats--and yours. . ."

Her other hand found its way to him, suspended hesitantly in the air before feeling the silent aching behind his chest.

". . .then we'll be together, and no one can tear us apart. We have to take care of ourselves' for the other's sake. And one day--one day we can get married, and we can care for each other instead. So next time when you want to give yourself up like this, just remember--until then, think of our own place, somewhere by the ocean--think of kids with big blue eyes and stupid grins, packing lunches for them and tucking them in at night. . . Think of me, because without you, I'd just be that blind kid with Goodwill clothes again."

She allowed a small laugh to escape, one that may have been a sob if she hadn't caught it in time. It felt odd to be so desperate, yet so hopefully joyful at the same time. It was a different sort of sadness that was more sweet than bitter, one she wasn't used to.

Her voice shook, reduced to a trembling whisper.

"So promise me, okay?"

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