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private rp for kittykat2553 and EnglandUKHetalia!

Celebs cartoon
Posted almost 5 years ago

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(almost everything is contagious O J O)
I stood there in shock with my scarf over my face. I didn't think she would kiss me back! I stood there with plenty of emotions running around, knowing that everyone was staring. I pulled down the scarf to where I could see and grabbed Chloe's hand, slowly heading to the exit. To be honest, I actually enjoyed it. She's fun to hang around with, so why should I hate her? It's not fair, really. As I made it outside the amusement park, I sat on the bench, "So... Um..."

Hello! I am Russia!

My favorite hobby is partitioning!

Sorry if I disappear from the thread! I have many things to do as a country!

But I would really like to be friends!

Posted almost 5 years ago

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(yay!! you colored it! :3 snd yeah! i guess your right! Embarrassed )

-i got surprised as Russia suddenly grabbed my hand and headed out to the exit, i didn't know where we were going after he left but i didn't say anything and just went along with him. turns out he just went to a bench and sat there, i then sat down myself, Russia said something, i'm guessing to start a conversation, when really it just made it more awkward, but someone had to get it going so i spoke, slowly- uh..yeah..um..what was all of that..back there...? ya know..you kissing me and all? -i looked away as i spoke, i then thought about something and turned to him- not that i didn't like it or anything!..it was just so sudden..

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