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Superstare & HalfLight PRP

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(Lucia was struck by her father Ares for saying she didn't believe in them. So, you guys don't need to experience the pain.)

Lucia hissed before looking down at her chest, seeing it in the same place where she felt the arrow strike her back. "Oh for god's sakes," Lucia muttered before seeing a glowing arrow protruding out of her chest. Lucia asked if Ace could see it, but he said no. Why am I the only one who can see this? Lucia thought before wrapping her fingers around the arrow, and pulling it out with a grunt. She dropped it, but immediately became ashes. She then lifted up her sweater and blouse, only seeing blood, but no wound.

Superstare & HalfLight PRP

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Aurora let out another shreik as her hands flew to her mouth and she reached out out to Lucia but her hand shot back as another wound appeared on her chest."Lucia whats happeneing?!" she wanted to help her but she had no idea who was hurting her. she stood back and watched in horror.~~ Chase gasped loudly again and took cautious steps torward the girls but still stood a safe distance away as he saw another wound appear.

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