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The next few minutes were a blur. A man wearing the king's crest approached Willow and kicked her legs out from under her. With a pointed glare he bound her hands in rope to the tale of his steed and then made a point of spitting on her. All the while Willow wore a straight face, she was happy. She had made the decision to put her friend's life in front of her own and it was the best decision she had ever made. This is my purpose, I was placed here to extend a hand to someone in need and that's what I have done. This thought replayed in Will's head as the horse began to drag her across the ground, tearing her drawn face and scraping her bloody palms. As the horses got closer and closer to the castle tears began to spill out of Will's blue eyes. 
An hour passed and Willow sat in front of the prince with a pained expression as he spat at her with his teeth. "Why would you do this to her,  monster?" He seethed, tightening his hand around Will's wrist. She forced salty tears to pour from her eyes and looked up at the prince with widened eyes. "Because I love you, I always have and I couldn't let you marry such a girl. You deserve better." He shook his head with disdain and lowered his gaze to meet Willow's eyes. "Don't tell me what I deserve! You don't know what anyone deserves, you killed an innocent girl and my chances at becoming king. I hate you!" The prince screamed. "I'm sorry," Willow blubbered, sticking her lower lip out in a pained pout. "Get rid of her I can't look upon her any longer!" The prince yelled at one of the men who stood at the edge of the room. A man with a stern face grabbed onto Willow's arms and pulled her from the chair. He dragged her down flights of stairs and into the dingiest area of the dungeons. He looked down at her with a smirk as he tossed her into the cell among the rats and slammed the cell door behind her. Willow's palms began to bleed furiously and she just wished the pain would evaporate. As it only grew stronger she closed her eyes and allowed herself to sob. Her gaze lowered to the torn bottom of her dress in the dark. She stripped the bottom of the dress from the fabric and tossed it to the rats.
Her eyes eventually dried and she tried to adjust to the dark but all it did was haunt her. No, I will not let them win, I will go out with a bang. 

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