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"_Black♥and♥White_" wrote:

Miki: *Breathes Hard*So..Out..Of Breath...Where's Kagome!?

Moon-Light: *Waves Hand Up and down here here*!I am Here Miki-san

Miki: What the....Kagome Akiyama?Are you sure you look really different..And who are these hot boys!Oh hi sakuhi..SAKUHI KAGOME OLIVIA??!*Faints*

Kayato: Who..Was that..*ITS ON ALRIGHT Powers become powerfuller*!Fire TIME!

Moon-Light: Baka....

Sakuhi: FIGHT ME! YOUR WEAK LIKE A CHICKEN -sticks tongue- 

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Kayato: *WAA!!!! Mommy Sakuhi is bullying me! *Cries on MoonLight*
Moon-Light: Its alright..
Kayato: And bravo to me! Thanks Bro..!For the acting part.*Hugs*
Kayato: Bro?AHH MOON-LIGHT!I..I..Wasnt hugging you! -Blushes-
Moon-Light: KILL THIS PREVERT!WAA He is a chicken 
Kayato: No I am Not!!!*Whispers  to him-self maybe a little* 

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