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After about 4.6 seconds pause to look from side to side Oscar darted across the grassy path and found himself consumed in the brush once again. A small moment of rage to the leaf finding its prickly way to Oscar's cheek, it felt like someone hovering their finger over his face just close enough to feel, like a bug crawling over his skin, Oscar hated bugs so he smacked his rough hand over his face, took up the leaf in his fist and ripped it along with the stick bearing the leaf off causing the entire bush he used for hiding to shiver. So much for being stealth.
The little rage event ended and Oscar now was checking if there was anything about. Wait a moment and scanned... Nothing in sight. Wait a moment and listen... Not a sound. Now that the area was diagnosed clear Oscar raise both of his hands and waved gently.

"There's the signal." India had been watching Oscar more than anything that may have been happening around. She took little steps towards the edge of the tree line, "My turn, may I go now? I'm going now. Okay!" She didn't wait for an answer or reply and followed after Oscar in the exact same path he took. Soon her arms flung up and waved to the others she left behind.

Taylor took this as his turn, but decided to let Danny or Ben go first. It bothered him slightly how they always stayed behind no matter what.


( I'm not sure what to do for Alf, she's just walking through the woods expecting the mystery character. )


There was a decent walk ahead of Mike and his captives, the Epics. But once they began to get close to their destination it be known.
Hilbert had been shooting darts into the back of Mike's neck trying to figure out what exactly happened while he entrusted Monty and Marley with he and Alf. "Why is it just you? What happened? My men aren't here anymore either." He rubbed his chin with the palm of his pointer and thumb. It too suspicious to him. He turned and whispered something to his man behind as he waited for Mike to become audible.

(In memory of) The rebirth of
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