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( High school, why you do this to me? Sorry I haven't been on in forever. ;-; )

Sirus gasped in mock offense, " I know that city inside and out... For the most part anyways." He joked. His signature grin only widening at the nickname. It was even accompanied by a small blush. 

He spun around in his seat, watching the bluenette as he tidied up around the house. He caught a glimpse of the writing on the back of Magnus's neck. He was so focused on trying to read it, he almost didn't realize he had been asked something. 
" Well, no one special. Just your average handsome, blue-eyed, blonde, God of Love, y'know?" He chuckled. 
" I'm just kidding. Hmm. Well, we could start with what you've heard so far about Cupid?  Wait, ah geez, how rude of me, you've been so kind to me and I'm just sitting here being a bother. Do you need help cleaning? Probably not, but I'm gonna help anyways." Sirus rambled as he stood to join Magnus, goofy grin still present. 


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