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{I'm so sorry for this really late reply!} As Julie watched the interaction between the two her lips quirked up in a smirk. She silently followed beside Tyler not saying anything about what just happened. It almost made her want to laugh, almost. After about a minute or two she glanced at his eye before turning her gaze back in front of her, "That's why you don't hit on girls who have boyfriends." She muttered amused with the whole situation. Once they made it to the lobby Mr. H was getting everybody's attention, "In about 2 minutes I'm taking attendance!" He loudly reminded everyone. "I'd like tell you that we'll be gone most of the day at The Louvre!" He excitedly exclaimed. A few groans were heard along with mumbles from different directions. "We'll be back roughly around 5, you are welcome to get food at the museum or get dinner when we get back its all up to you." He explained. "Now, does anyone have any questions?" Julie let out a slow breath, "Awesome. Just what I want to do, spend my day at a museum with a class full of obnoxious idiots." She complained mostly to herself rather to anyone who was listening.

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