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The Convergence [unicornsrule626 and AnnaOfExquizurd ONLY]

Celebs cartoon
Posted 8 months ago

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"I-I!" Star sighed "So...what are you going to do with us right now?"

Hello!! ^^

Fangirling be like^^

Shawwwn XD

Posted 8 months ago

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As if on cue, each pirate who had a hold of someone started to move off into the trees.

"We're taking you to temporarily stay in our camp. We'll wait for morning to come, and then give your friends a message and a few days to respond to us. Now, it's a good idea to introduce ourselves to each other so we can call each other by name. I'm Captain Tetra, and I don't mind if you call me Tetra," the blonde explained. "And those guys are Niko, Nudge, Mako, Senza, Zuko, and Gonzo." She pointed to each pirate as she said their name, and started walking with them.

"Hagwin," Hagwin said.

Tetra smiled. "Cool name. Haven't heard it before."

You always may. Ask away.

Nonsense. We're fabulous senpais from Lousiana and Arizona.

I would like a duck vampire.

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