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Century V [Uni, Trashcan, Pale, Anna]

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"My dad said one day here is two years anywhere else," Soren explained. "So, it took the internal clock systems of himself and my mom a bit to adjust, which is why they bonded so quickly after being there for just one day. It's... hard to explain, because a day still felt like a day."

(Bumping that for Uni. It kinda got lost in the forms XD And now, what I promised Shauna)

After some of the other people left, Link glanced over at Malon. He was glad that there was someone he recognized; the other people who were apparently brought here seemed to not know anyone.

"Well..." the other redhead said. Link's aquamarine eyes turned to her, and he waited for her to continue, but she just stopped.

"Well?" he inquired, urging her to finish whatever thought she was forming.

"...If you didn't catch it, I'm Ayano."

"I'm Link."

"I know."

That was weird, but Link didn't let himself react negatively. He gave her a smile, and glanced at the person who was in the chair with the blank eyes--Haruko. Something about her was familiar.

"Did you know my mother?" Ayano asked him, gesturing for him to follow him out.

"I might've... she looks an awful lot like this one race back in my world...."


"Yes. I'm just going to start assuming you know everything about me."

"Hmm. Yeah, my mother's a Gerudo. That's what she told me, anyways."

"Makes sense."

They were still walking. Link didn't know where they were going, but he eased his mind by knowing that he would find out when they arrived.


Malon was left alone in the room with the Fukuroi guy, the Haruko Gerudo lady, and the Koutiki girl. Koutiki was smiling at her, not seeming to know what to say.

"Um, hello," Malon tried, with her practically permanent smile.

"Hi," Koutiki replied. "Uh...."

"Uh, what? Hehe."

"I can show you around. If you want."

"That'd be nice~."

Koutiki nodded, and then left the room. Malon trailed after her. She wasn't sure whether she should be amazed that she was taken right from her own dimension--plucked, as if she was a flower--or if she should be paranoid about her father not having anyone to nurture his laziness.

Oh, well. It'd be good for him to get up and move around. He wasn't losing any size to that huge stomach of his by sleeping all day long.

(Sorry, i didn't see these XD)

Liza went pale "T-two years?! Nooo....." She ran her fingers through her hair and seemed to zone out


(Working on Star's part)

(How far have you gotten on Star's part?)

"It is something that grows over time, a true friendship."

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(While we wait on Star, this'll serve as a sort of bump. Linano.)

Link had no idea what else to say, but let Ayano lead him to wherever she was taking him to. He didn't entirely trust her, though, and kept himself alert.

The building they were in was very clean-looking, and grand, like a temple. The structure was mainly made of limestone, with blue carpets forming paths and pillars supporting the ceiling high above. Wooden doors stained green led into rooms with stone plaques beside them to label them in bold white paint: "Viewer Room"--what they had just come out of--and a "Sitting Room", whatever that was.

But what purpose did this temple-building serve? Did it house a sort of Sage of this dimension, or a sacred artifact, or a noble family? Ayano and her sisters certainly didn't act like the third possibility.

Between the two sets of doors, Ayano stopped and looked back at Link. "I was thinking of heading either to the sitting room to talk to each other, or the Combat Training room to spar. Whichever spikes your interest more."

"We can spar and talk at the same time," Link replied. "I don't sit still very well."

Ayano smiled briefly, then nodded. "I can relate."

They walked down a short staircase, further down the hall, then turned right at an intersection, passing a staircase and an intricate blue set of doors, flanked by pink stained glass. The hall continued that way for around ten feet, and then bent to the right again, and continued on for a ways. There was another of those wooden doors, labeled "Combat Training", and Ayano opened the door and walked in. Link followed, entering a room that had two spaces covered by large straw mats, and walls lined with weapon racks. There were maces, clubs, swords, spears... basically any weapon you could find back in Hyrule.

Ayano crossed straight to the closer mat, then looked at Link. "Use whatever weapon you'd like. Even your fists." She took a staff-like object from her back, with a crescent-shaped double-edged blade attached to the end.

Link nodded. It had been a long time since he had fought with his hands, and it'd be a good idea to refresh the skill. He undid the strap that kept the Master Sword and its scabbard on his back, then set it all by a weapon rack. He also removed the quiver that held his arrows, and the Hero's Bow, adding them to the pile of his equipment. The other weapons he had--such as the Biggoron Sword and Megaton Hammer--were in the deceptively small inventory-pouch on his belt. He kept that.

Pushing some blond hair from his face, Link stepped onto the mat, facing Ayano. The staff, combined with her appearance, made her look like one of the Gerudo Guards from the Gerudo Fortress, but wearing glasses.

"Not worried about hurting me?" Link asked, gesturing to the bare blade of her staff.

Ayano shook her head. "I have excellent control over my weapon."

Link nodded, then settled into a ready stance. "Your mother looked familiar."

Ayano followed suit. "She's a Gerudo. From this place, called Hyrule, in the desert. She said all of the Gerudos are women."

"They're entirely women, yes, except for the male born once a century. That male becomes their king when he's old enough," Link reaffirmed. He stepped back as Ayano stepped forward. "What king did she live under?"

"Ganondorf, for most of her life," Ayano answered. She jabbed her weapon to Link's stomach, but he leaped to the side. "But he had to sort of retire partway through, and then a woman named Nabooru took over."

Link moved back in, dropped down, and swept a leg at Ayano's knees (Random comment: SWEEP THE LEG!). "The Sage of Spirit, also Ganondorf's second-in-command."

Before his kick made contact, she lurched backwards, somehow still gracefully. "You know...? Oh, wait. You're from there. Of course you do."

Link smiled, and jumped back to his feet. "I was the one who 'retired' Ganondorf. He was corrupt and power-hungry, and took over Hyrule. He destroyed the Castletown and brought chaos to the land."

"What kind of chaos?" Ayano asked. She reversed her hold on the staff and swung the shaft at him.

"There's this race of fish people, called Zoras. He froze the place they lived in. Their princess was the only one who wasn't stuck in the ice," Link answered. He caught the end, but Ayano ripped it from his grip. "Then he set a Goron-eating dragon in the Fire Temple. A bunch of those rock-eaters were imprisoned as food for the dragon, but the Sage of Fire--Darunia--went in to try and save them. He got captured, too."

Ayano paused. "So much for that rescue. Did he get devoured?"

"No, because I came along just in time to free all the ones in cages and killed the dragon," Link replied.

"Such a hero," Ayano commented. "Go get a weapon, because I don't feel safe with you blocking things with your hands like that."

Link shrugged, then went back to his equipment pile and retrieved the Master Sword, and pulled the Hylian Shield off of his back. He turned back and stood in front of Ayano again, sinking back into his ready stance.

"And what went on with that fish princess?" Ayano inquired, jabbing again.

With a metallic  clang , the shield flashed up and caught the blade. "In the past, she was under the impression that I was her fiance (Can't do the accent on computers ahhh). She still thought I was then, after I killed the creature that was locking their home under a cold spell. I just ignored her references to marriage and kept going with my quest."

"Which was to kill Ganondorf and free the place," Ayano added. "Just show me sword stuff. I want to compare your style to Mitsuki's."

"Alright," Link replied. He waited for Ayano to step off of the mat.

Over the course of a couple of hours, he ended up showing her every combat move he could do--including the whirling move where he drew energy onto the blade and then sent it shooting outwards--and the three gifts the goddesses had given him: Farore's Wind, Din's Fire, and Nayru's Love. For the four things specifically mentioned, they had to move outside, or he would've burned or sliced a lot of things.

(That last paragraph was me low-key getting lazy, and acknowledging the post getting long.)

"It is something that grows over time, a true friendship."

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