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Unknown Love..

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Charnley DirntAge- 17Looks- [photoSadurl=tel:1819618]181[/url]9618] Personality- he lives alone in an apartment because his parents díed a year ago. He is very nice, and can be a little overly protective. He is rarely mean to people, and he falls in love quite easily, and keeps getting Hurt.Other- He's a vampire, a newborn.. So he an have trouble with thirst... Olivia Armstrong Age- 17Looks- [photoSadurl=tel:3109543]3109543[/url]] Personality- shy, can have trust issues, but once you gain her trust, she will become herself.Other- she lives alone, and believes in vampires, because her parents were ki||ed by them. No won believes her, but she saw with her own eyes, so she has a fear of them. Human. 

"Slip inside the eye of your mind, dont you know you might find, a better place to play? You say that you've never been, but all the things that you've seen, slowly fade away..."
-Noel Gallagher. Don't Look Back In Anger, Performed By The British 90's Rock Band, OASIS(:

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