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Life & Death [superstare and neon ONLY.]

Celebs cartoon
Posted over 5 years ago

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Well, you know what this is about xD --------------------------- The Plot: The world is an extremely dangerous place. Murders and other kinds of crime have become worse, but it's only just starting. Scientists have discovered that there are vampires on the loose, and most of them are known for committing murder. The scientists have gathered and decided that capturing these vampires are for the peoples' safety. One by one, they attacked the vampires and brought them to a secret lab. There, the scientists are figuring out how to find out a cure. In the meantime, the vampires are trapped in this lab, unable to see the rest of the world and hungry for bloood. --------------------------- FORM: Name: Age: Looks: Personality: History: Other: It's pretty short, but whatever =P


Posted over 5 years ago

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For characters we should have a boy ang girl each .

faded . ♡

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