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Vampires and Werewolves: From The UnderWorld!

Celebs cartoon
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Okay, so, how about we each make two charatcers? One boy and one girl each. Here're my two: Name: Misty also known by friends as Missy Age: 113 looks 15 Looks: this is Kira Personality: She's sweet, smart, and kind. She can be mean. Very mean. But is usually nice. She's quite and keeps to herself. She's very tempermental. She's funny and fun-loving. She's creative, too. She's fiesty and can be sassy, hence her nickname "Missy". Species: Vampire Other: Princess of Vampires   Name: Jasper Age: 17 Looks: Personality: He's strong-willed and independent. He's kind but can be mean, sometimes. He's rough around the edges but has a good heart. He cares for his friends and family and will protective them until his life ends. He's very smart and athletic. He's a little crazy but immensly determined. Species: Werewolf Other: His Father died when he was young so now he's the "man of the house" and looks after his two little sisters and mother.

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Okay!Name: Dante Friends call him exactly that.Age:122 But only looks about very young.dragonball af

Probably me in the future...
WallFlower? o.o
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower!! ^_^

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girl name melissa age 150 looks 16 vampire i dont know how to uplad pictures look like selena gomez is sweet pretty funny but sarcastic too was bitten by  500 yr old ex bf and yeah dad was eatin by a werewolf boy name tallen age160 vampire looks like cody simpson is cute and nice

I like PewdiePie

Hes hawt

see whatta mean?

Marzia is hawt too

perfect couple :P

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