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Molly47426 and Nimsajeay's PRP.

Celebs cartoon
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How about a form like this? Name: Age: Looks: Personality: Famous for: Short Bio: Other: How many characters should we make?

My whole goal in life is to get AlphaT to debate Teh_Skittlez as an Atheist and for Teh_Skittlez to debate AlphaT as a Christian.


That awkward moment when you realize that you couldn't see that amazing debate because you're not old enough to see the P&R section... -.-

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2 each. Name: Hazel Anderson Age:15 Looks:Profile pic Personality:Will see Famous for:Joining the band Purple Roses Short bio:Nada. Other:Your boy's sister Name:Zach Johnson Age:16 Looks:Brown hair,Grey eyes. Personality:will see Famous for:Being a famous sports player. Short bioDazedorry will find out Other:Nervous about storms

Hey People call me Erin and Ivy you rock.I love my buds and How to train your dragon rocks.

My two Epic Quote are:

"Your a foul loathful evil little cockroach" Hermione Granger talking to Malfoy

"Seaweed brain."Annabeth nick naming Percy.
Sim traits:
Family Orientated

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