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starstar4_1746907 Lock
Member since:
April 2011

Posts: 4765
Posted over 3 years ago
Ed smiled and kissed her.

Rose blushed and kept kissing him.

Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, your insulting yourself.
- Alen Strike
HAHAH! I've lived by this quote since I could walk!!

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Mori sempai fan01
Mori sempai fan01
Member since:
October 2012

Posts: 342
Posted about 3 years ago
(Hey sorry I forgot my ########!###
Isabella smiled at him.
Mekhi smiled at her.

The Amityville toaster,Make breakfast spooky,spooky talk from toaster,spooky toaster talk,yum,yum,yum,human hand

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