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Well you may be a little confused on the title but that's why I am going to tell you in this blog that I am writing...Well some point in life you are usually going to have a boyfriend then get married...If you agree with me on that state then after you are done reading comment "yes" If you don't agree you could just not type anything or you can comment "no". Anyway you need to know who to pick and when... You have to get to know them first, you do that by hanging out with them and getting to know how they act around not just you but other's also and you will probably just casually have to ask them questions about what they like and different things like that... Well there are many different steps to finding the right one for you but I am still young so I really can't say a whole lot but that is on of the top/main steps for finding the right one...

I am very nice and as I said on my profile I love to chat so you can always add me as a friend even if I don't know you I will still accept the friend request...So anyway I will probably comment on a lot of things along with I will probably press like on a lot of things also...but youknow that's just the kind of person I

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