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December, 2012
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I hate to complain, but if KW is gonna give me a fifteen minute penalty, make it fifteen minutes and no twenty minutes!
And please, please, pretty please with chocolate on top look at the context of wht Iam posting, just nott the key words!
I was realy upset at this cause while I was under the penalty, I'm getting updates aout what comments people were posting with the "Ariana Grande Bio" and what they were posting was a lot worse than what I posted!
Don't worry I went through all of their comments and reported them!
KW is a great site, bu if you post a commenrt that is against the negative things and al you are tryingto do is say how much you are aginst those things, you will get a penaly because you mentioned those things, while mean while people are comment deragotory comments on an actcress's article!

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comment Jordan with this issue :o

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Totally agree  Frown

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