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You know what I'm sick of?

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September, 2011
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Y'all think you and your friends are going through hardships now, well just imagine what my life is like. Bullying, swearing, injuries, and suicidal thoughts.

You know, there are some people who have nothing to care about because people don't care about them and act like they don't need them and can do better without them.

If you think you're gonna dis people because they talk about having a hard life. Well, my parents treat me like a servant because they claim I barely do anything around the house. They don't even fulfill any requests I make.

However, my sister seems to have the best life someone can have. My parents take her EVERYWHERE even though she requests to go 15 places for every place I ask to go. When my sister asks, they're like "sure" and when I ask, they have an excuse not to.

I just wanna see if they're gonna make her a Hollywood star and I'll jump down a cliff behind their backs. I just wanna see how long it takes for them to notice I'm gone.

Alright, pinhead, your time is up!

You know what I'm sick of?

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February, 2013
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I'm sick of EGGS!!! i just hate the smell!! 

gUmMy BeAr LoVeR a.k.a Yummi ^.^

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