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Psychopath - A fan of Joey Graceffa`s online channels, singing and acting skills, or just Joey Graceffa altogether

Joey Graceffa - A funny, cute, great singing and acting guy on Youtube from Culver City, California. He has obsessions with anime, hunger games, and the new movie, oz the great and powerful. He has a gaming channel and a vlog channel, in which he shares his wonderful life, or plays hungercraft with stacy, aka stacyania.

So, one remaining question,
Who on Kidzworld is a full blown psychopath?

If u are
U r awesome, the odds will always b in ur favor

If u r not
Get outta here!

I am currently a PsychoPath!
If u don`t know what a psychopath is....
then goodBYE!

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So I'm a psychopath to because I <3 joey.

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Me! Big Grin

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