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Ciara and Future

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May, 2013
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Ciara and Future Make a Good Couple But why she don't like Rihanna????

Ciara and Future

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August, 2008
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LOL this is written like you know the people. smile

Don't talk ABOUT me when I'm not here, because you weren't worthy of talking TO me when I was.

Don't talk negatively about other people's looks when you're too much of a coward to show your picture for others to do the same.

Lastly, and most importantly -

I Support Equal Rights

Ciara and Future

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*Ana loves you* Lock
*Ana loves you*
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November, 2012
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hey hey hey  everyone,
so im getting bully and stuff are happening
so im think to leave Kids world ... idk if it will be for a couple days, mouths, years, or forever....  last time I lift it was for 3 weeks.. but this Is think it might be for forever... I just think I had enough of this Drama
Ana loves u Aka -Ana
Ps: reply and tell me what u think ... please help

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