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KW Family

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Rhema J
Rhema J
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March, 2013
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So... I've been getting bored with KW so I decided I should start a KW virtual family. If You want to be in my KW family you have to be VERY active on KW and please fill out the form below:
First Name or Nickname:
Country/Or State you are from:
Why you want to be in my KW family:

Fill out the form and add me as a friend and I'll let you know if I've accepted you!
P.S There will be NO GIVING OUT REAL PERSONAL INFORMATION AT ALL! This is only for fun and games!

-- Rhema Joy ♥

KW Family

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May, 2013
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Hiya,It's me StarAndMoon,I just made a new account because I was tired of being bugged about rps all the time..

First Name or Nickname: Jamie
REAL Age: 10
Country/Or State you are from: Oklahoma
Personality: I don't think I can describe this well,but I'll try..A bit insane,stupid(At times..xD),fun(I think..) sensitive?..abit on the quiet side..I can't describe my own personality! xD
Why you want to be in my KW family: 'Cause you're awesome,and I think anyone that is related to you on KW should be honored xD You're an epic person to be around and I would be happy to be in your KW family.

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