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Hey y'all!

So school's almost out and I know I'm a little late for this post, but I just wanted to say that you're not invisible. It occured to me today that sometimes being shut out and purposefully ignored can hurt worse than being yelled at or being called names.

I know this statement will be a controversial one, but it's what I think. My younger sister and I have been reinacting the Cold War, except I'm the United States and she's the Soviet Union. In other words, I shut her out. And I know it hurts her, yet I can't seem to stop. Her words and actions still effect me and I have the power to sign the treaty, but I don't. It hurts us both and, does it make anything better? No.

So the next time you start the silent treatment, think twice about it, because it's hard to get out of! And the next time you're the one being shut out, try to make that treaty and resolve the issue before it just hangs there for a decade.

Thanks for reading! And, you're not invisible.






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