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So hey guys know i am going to talk about my upcoming forums i will do for September. So lets begin first week in  September i will be doing the Topic; Things that mean girls say, i will be talking about girls that are mean and some of the stupid things they gossip about r say to other girls i choose that as my first one because thats what mostly happen at school these days to some girls. So i will be talking about that for one whole week. Second week i will be talking about: My Night Routine i know its weird to forum about it but i just like it that way cause i don't have a you tube for myself. Third week 20 things about me it going be surprising to hear somethings i like and what i dislike and alot more. Last week  Back to school makeup 6th grade cause i am going into 6th grade i am going just forum about it.So that's all of the forums i am doing for September if you recommend me to do more forums i will,. Tell me what you think below smile
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