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Posted over 4 years ago

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Click Click Click ,Clicking is the American Icon. We all do it but never wonder if we clicked the right thing. Well this is the time to start thinking b ecause there are alot of bad things out there and we dont wanna click them . So do yourself a favor and click on the right things instead of the wrong things. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK


Posted about 4 years ago

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Ah (sigh) so you're just Clicking Clicking Clicking Now, Huh? You guys just click and click and click and click you guys are going to click on the wrong stuff one day and ITS going to go a wall on you. Think before you click what is so complicated? Like on Facebook, When you like in the wrong things, People you dont know will CONSTANTLY try to talk to you and stalk you FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! !!! Take it from me, and dont go on any dating sites and dont talk to anyine you dont know or who trys to flirt with you. Think BEFORE You click.

@#SimplyGeorgeousTongue Out Baby Ka

I may be SIMPLY but I am GEORGEOUS

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