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Which comes first? The egg or the chicken? HAHAH

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Posted about 4 years ago

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Sooo, my niece out of the blue asked me while eating a fried chicken..

Tita which comes first? the egg or the chicken?

Me: (in deep thought) .....

after I few minutes of discerning :3

well there are several explanation about that

one of this is that..we, all living things evolve through the changes of our DNA ..and just like animals..like the chicken..wherein one DNA of the male ##### cell and a female ovuum of the chicken meet and combines and forms a zygote which creates the first cell of the baby chicken..and this first cell..divides and divides to form all the cells of the complete animal..

and so..there were really no true chicken at first all evolve from a non-chicken which is cause by the changes caused by the mixing of the female and male DNA or by mutations to the DNA thT forms the zygote and this mutation takes effect until a new zygote is form. therefore, two non-chicken have maybe mated which then the DNA in their zygote which contains mutations may have produced the first true chicken.. and in the zygote is where the mutations happen and that would produced a new animal and a zygote cell is found in the egg..so eggs must have come first..

another is that , over a million million years ago there was a subset of four-limbed vertebrates evolved that produces amniotic eggs. The embryos within the eggs were surrounded by three fluid-filled membranes that provide nourishment, protection, and a way to breathe. The earliest amniotic eggs contained large amounts of yolk, you'll see that in birds, crocodilians, and snakes" 

and there are many more..

--based on articles that  I have read  :3 

and that's how I answered my niece.. but what do I expect would my niece reaction would be..

Niece: .. speechless and looking to me while holding a chicken O.O

so the lesson here is, plss next time when answering a kids question make it more simplier Big Grin hahhaha

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