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January, 2007
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i need a boy firend


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January, 2007
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u never ever need a bf!

Nick and Stephanie
The next....
Jack and Rose
Allie and Noah
Cory and Topanga

Let''s cause a scene like lovers do on silver screens.

Let''s commit the perfect crime, I''ll steal your heart and you''ll steal mine.

If I could do anything, it''d be to kiss you in the middle of the street on the rainiest day of the year.

Love ya much,

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January, 2007
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Date: 1/18/2006 8:18:27 PM
i need a boy firend

Oh wow,that is pathetic looking for one on the forums!Look for one you already know if you really "NEED" one.Some come quick some come slow*sigh*

I came back to KidzWorld, after a long time.

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January, 2007
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everyone thinks they need a lot of things. but it doesn''t really mean you need one. as long as you can breath and have food and water... you''re good. you don''t need a boyfriend to survive

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I need to die, but some people won''t let me... I guess we''re both out of luck.

I''m a stitch away from making it, and a scar away from falling apart.

I use cliche lines like they''re going. out. of. style.
xPoint Taken. Cliche Proven.)

My words don''t come out naturally, they''re operated by machine.

Do you know you''re fake? Stop giving for the take.

Secrets don''t make friends

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