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ghettobabecuteand fin he is mine-l Lock
ghettobabecuteand fin he is mine-l
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January, 2007
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i kno this might sound crazy but along time ago i met this boi calvin o o o he waz mine for a while of a time but now we ova and he got a baby momma so she betta bak b4 i go off cuz he is mine and he is fine she betta BAK UP B4 I PULL OUT MY NINE but u know sumtin i gotta b nice to this gurl for this boi but guess this drama aint ova so gurlllllllssssssss boo

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CatastrophicFailure Lock
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January, 2007
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iwillbeyours4eva-l Lock
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January, 2007
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yea dat do sound crazy ghetto but its what you think so let it be

my cuzin said he dont go wit you so back down

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