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Posted about 12 years ago

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I''m being forced to cut my hair to my shoulder!
I''ll be back after a long,boring trip.
Do not fear!


Posted about 12 years ago

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here''s where my sig. starts!
God is freakin awesome so believe in him forever and everr!

"I''d sell my soul For rock n''roll"

I''m such a loser and i admitt it!i absolutely love being one!
Be a loserxbeing populare is so overated

skate boardingxmy anti drugx

ohio is for loversxHawthorne Heights
It''s Me against the worldxSimple plan

KisMe i''m georgous!

psxi love you!

Curt,i miss u lots!i def. need to get on more!today is 10/2 and saw ur little caption thingie in ur sig. and had to say something!so ill be on tomorrow def. at around 3:30 i promise!lol!LIKE WHOA!I LOVE U LIKE A FAT MAN LOVES CAKE!hehe!

Posted about 12 years ago

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Wow man, your hair is going to be like shorter than mine.


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