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Monte Romano Highschool. (ATJ)

Celebs cartoon
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"Mmhm!" Sam said smirking at both of them. They were just so cute! (In a little kid type of way) . If only she had love like theirs.

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Quinn nodded her head her smile still on her face and giggled 

Tyson laughed "Sam care to tell Matt" he said gestering to Matt

Join Project Niall
Niall He Lights Up My World Like Nodbody Else
The Way That He Gels His Hair Get Me Overwhelmed
But When He Smiles At The Ground
It Ain't Hard to Tell
He Don't Know He Don't Know He's Beautiful

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"trinityac" wrote:

"trinityac" wrote:

Hi can the girl be girl number 2 for Trouble Makers and the boy be Boy1 for Skaters (Does skaters skate board or roller skating?

If i can join:


Name:Trina Campbell

Age: 15

Gender: girl

Appearance: (looks like Katniss Everdeen but with red hair,green eyes and has more emotion on her face)

Popularity Clique: Trouble Makers Girl2

Bio: ever she was 5 she has been a trouble maker. She pulls Pranks on teachers,and geeks

Personality: Sarcastic,Prankster,loves to listen to music to calm her down

Other: I love Unicorns! Twin brother is David Kass (Has different #### #### because there parents had gotten divorced and Trina stayed with her mom's maiden name Campbell)

Now for the boy


Name: David Kass

Age: 15

Gender: boy

Apperance: (Just like Trina but bolder like Peeta Mellark)

Popularity Clique: skater

Bio: loves to skate board with his dad.He loves when his sister comes to see him and his dad.

Personality: (Just like Trina)

Other:I love unicorns! His twin sister is Trina

(I re did my thing for u except i actually did not really copy u much i was just doing the stuff i'm like actually. i actually am in the trouble maker club,have a twin brother and  always in saturday detention)

(so i'm confused am i accepted or no and if i was then where should i come in at? )

I love to role play I've been on here for 5 years. Please join some of my roleplays?

8/6/16~ Gold on the forum post leaderboard Big Grin

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