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Ouran High school Host Club (RP Open)

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September, 2010
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Here at Ouran, the most handsomest boys in school with too much time in their hands, entertain the girls who also, have way too much time in their hands. Just think of the host club like Ourans own little playground for the super rich and beautiful.
(If I got any of that wrong, please comment me the real little speech...)
Haruhi Fujioka- Open
Tamaki Suoh- Taken (Me)
Hikaru Hitachiin- Open
Kouru Hitachiin- Open
Kyoya Otori- Open
Mitsukuni 'Honey' Haninozuka- Open
Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka- Open

I'm Jullie

Ouran High school Host Club (RP Open)

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May, 2012
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May i join as Haruhi?


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