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Charlesville Middle School (Supernatural Creatures!)

Celebs cartoon
Posted over 5 years ago

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Hey everyone! I've created a new school... Charlesville Middle School! Only this school is different... There are "supernatural creatures" at this school! When I say supernatural creatures, I mean things like werewolves, vampires, aliens, angels, demons, faries, ghosts, shapeshifters, skinwalkers, witches, stuff like that. Be any supernatural creature you want! You can also be a human, too! If you want, you can be two characters, but two is the most I'm allowing! But, I must approve your sign up form: here is the sign up form:

Kind Of Supernatural(If You Are One):

Here is mine:

Gender: Female
Supernatural?: Yes
Kind Of Supernatural(If you are one): Skinwalker (like a werewolf, only it can transform into a dog whenever they want, and they can transform back whenever they want)
Looks: Long dark brown hair, slightly curly. Bright green eyes. Always wears a gold chain necklace with an emerald on it.
Personality: Is shy and kind, but when people are mean or brats, anything like that, she will get very angry and sometimes vicious, and defend herself.

Please follow these rules!:
-When you are talking out of character, say OOC:
-No swearing
-If I decline your sign up form, don't trash my thread!
-Type full words! Don't type like this: ppl, OMG, lol, y, r, etc.
-Please use correct grammar! You won't get kicked out because of it, but it's really annoying!
-If I say pause, it means to stop role playing! Please pay attention to that, and don't role play until I say go! Thanks!
-If you read all the rules, somewhere in your sign up form, say "peanut butter pickles!"

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Posted over 5 years ago

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Name: Bella
Gender: female
Supernatural?: yep
Kind Of Supernatural(If You Are One): Vampire. Allergic to blood though.If she sees some blood she faints....XD
Looks: Long black hair with purple streaks. Black eyes.
Personality: Cute,funny and sometimes strange.

Gender: female
Supernatural?: yep
Kind Of Supernatural(If You Are One): Half cat, half human
Looks: Shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. When you look at her she has cat ears and a cat tail.
Personality: Shy, cute.


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Posted over 5 years ago

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Name: Simon Gender: Male Supernatrual?: yep Information: Vampire his father is the great dracula his father wants him to be like him but he doesn't Want to be a vicious blood sucking monster he just wants to be a normal boy,but if he is in danger he will become a vicious blood sucking vampire Looks: Medium hight,cute with black hair and red eyes Personality: Smart,funny,some times short tempered and romantic. (Can I join plZzz)

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