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There are a few rules:
1. You must be at least 10 but younger than nineteen
Two. Academics don't matter although you should try to have a B average.
3. Gifted children will be placed in a separate class.
I need this information:
Best class
Are they gifted?


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Can I join?Also I'm making 2 people.

Name: Trinity Campbell
Age: 11
Best class: ###.,Lit.
Are they gifted? : nope
Personality: Nice,Kind,lovable
Appearance: Brown hair,Sea green eyes.4'8",glasses,skinny

Next one:

Name: Davin Kass
Age: 11
Best class: Math
Are they gifted?: Nope
Personality: Nice,Romantic,Lovable,Kind.
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, Blue crystal eyes,no glasses,skinny,4'9"

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I am going to join?

Name: Byron Girrl
Age: 16
Best class: Speech
Are they gifted?: No, but she is special Needs.
Personality: She is sweet, caring, when she has to defensive, at her free time she shoots her bow 'n' arrow on her pet horse, Lightning.
: In a wheelchair, Curly blonde hair, glasses, has a speech problem so she has the voice on her wheelchair.

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May I join?

Name:  Alexis Williamson.
Age:  14.
Best class:  Lunch.
Are they gifted?:  In music and trouble-making, yes.
Personality:  Alexis is a fun-loving, musician, who is rebellious, and very protective of her friends.  She doesn't do what the teachers tell her to, and isn't afraid of her teachers, or principal.  Alexis is very serious about music, though, and wants to be famous for it.
Appearance:  Made by Gingerkissx!  Another of my role play characters.

Name:  Kyle Woods.
Age:  16.
Best class:  Science.
Are they gifted?:  Yes.
Personality:  Kyle is a serious, but fun guy, who has a love fore science.  He is constantly studying it, and would love to be an astrophysicist.  He is quite mature, and cares what people think about him.  He does have a mischievous-prankster side, though, which is only shown to his friends.
Appearance:  Made by Gingerkissx!  Another of my role play characters.

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