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Greenwoods High School

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Posted about 5 years ago

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Greenwoods High School as always been known for their high test scores, great staff, great students, amazing sport teams, and the number one school you want to send your child to. But now a new generation of students have come and they're anything but what the school used to be. It's the first day of school and the staff are hoping for new and motivated students but would their dreams be crushed by the new generation?


No godmodding

Cursing is okay but keep it PG 17

No text lingo

Please use good grammar

Pre-arranged friendships are fine

Please, try to keep your replies descriptive

3 character per-person

And lastly,

Character Sheet:




Club or Sport(Or neither is fine):

Personality(no "developmental" I want description):





Appearance(anime, realistic or descriptions are fine):

My Charater Sheet:

Name: Cari Jackson (Or C.J.)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Club or Sport(Or neither is fine): Music Club

Personality(no "developmental" I want description): Cari is kind to her friends, teachers, and anybody new. She's very light-hearted, and smiling all the time. The one thing about Cari that only some people like is her temper. If you hit a nerve she will snap in a way you don't want to see. She also likes to daydream every now and then.

Backround: When Cari was a child, she was the most adorable little girl you could meet! That all stopped when her dad started fighting with her mom. She started screaming at her parents to stop, but that only made it worse. A few months later, they divorced and she lives with her mother. She gets home very late and leaves early. Cari has adapted to this living style, caring for herself. Mom takes care of bills, food, water, stuff like that. Cari is still kind, but has a bad side to go with it.

Hobbies/likes: Cats, playing her flute, video games, walking alone, thinking, daydreaming.

Fears/Dislikes: Bugs, scary movies, not having friends, friends getting hurt.

Other: Likes the color pink, and wears a charm bracelet that her dad gave her.

Appearance(anime, realistic or descriptions are fine): Profile picture

You can say sorry, but the wounds caused by your words will still remain.

Posted about 5 years ago

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Posts: 29

Sure! You don't need to ask to join. ^_^ I can't wait to see your form~

You can say sorry, but the wounds caused by your words will still remain.

Posted about 5 years ago

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aye sorry i forgot to make it xD

Name: Viloet bap

Age: 16
Gender: female
club or sport: helping out animal shelters

Personality: She is funny, rude, timid, and caring with the people she loves shes really clumsy and ditzy

Background: (not sure what you mean) Shes from a family with both parents and an only child, she has one cat name silver, dog named Presly and was always a top student. She likes keeping to herself she would join a sport or club but would forget about it later on.

Likes: Hiking, playing guitar, and spending time at the animal shelter playing with the cats and dogs, and eating, she likes blowing her bangs out of her face o.o

Fears: Losing the people she loves, needles, exams, and nasty tasting food, mean people


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