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Before you begin reading I must inform you the computer i'm using  can not make large spaces so this might be hard to understand.So I might as well show you the form to sign up with first! #### #### my charecters stats. Name ( Lizzy )  Gender ( Girl ) Talent ( Art Singing and Fashion Design) Clique ( Popular s ) Personality (Sweet Sassy and really mean and for some reason hates herself) Looks ( Light Red hair with lightly tanned skin darkbrown eyes tall and thin and is always trying on new clothes ) Other ( Was born in a poor family with a tragic history) Now because this is for Advanced users im going to tell you the rules you need to follow to be in this roleplay  OKAY ?????????  Rules 1 No swears 2 No over romance This is a kids website 3 Only 2 Characters 4 No more than 3 talents 4 When speaking  out of character 5 Don't take over the roleplay 6 don't bee talkin like dis 7 Don't argue if you were not accepted. 

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