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Ok.. So I love Glee, for starters :P So I felt like starting a Roleplay that's like it except with made up Characters smile So here ate the rules * Keep It Clean! * No Cussing Here's the form: Name: Age: Looks: Gender: Personality: Relationship Status: Other: And here is my form smile Name: Shay Heigh Age: 14 Looks: Long, brown hair, usually worn in a braid, blue eyes, light skin Gender: Girl Personality: shy, Funny, intelligent Relationship Status: Single... As always Other: Shay is an exchange student from a small town in Texas. She moved to Lima after her 8th Grade year and started High school in Lima. So who's gonna join? Big Grin

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Name: Janelle
Looks:Brown hair, Brown eyes, tall, and skinny
Gender: Girl
Personality: Funny and Random
Relationship Status: In love with Jared (my other character if you will let me have one)
Other: None

Name: Jared
Looks:Blond hair, Brown eyes, Short(ish), skinny
Gender: Boy
Personality: Serious and Down-To-Earth
Relationship Status: In love with Janelle
Other: None

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Name: Catelena Jaspers
Age: 18
Looks: will post
Gender: FEMALE
Personality: sweet yet mean
Relationship Status: single
Other: Captain of the Cheerios and in glee club

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