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RP about your very own school! What will your class be like? What sort of things will you study?

romance/drama highschool rp ;D anyones welcome.

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May, 2013
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This rp has a lot of romance and drama ;D just state your name, age, and a mini bio ;D Name: Bunny Age: 17 Bio: my hair is long, and blonde and bunny have pink eyes. Bunnny also is very small for her height ;D bunny normally talks like this and enjoys making new friends (;

romance/drama highschool rp ;D anyones welcome.

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March, 2013
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Name: Lisa
Age: 15
Bio: Loves nature and parties and always always wants to make new friends

Keep Calm And Dream On

romance/drama highschool rp ;D anyones welcome.

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May, 2013
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Name: Vannessa Lionheart

Age: 16

Eyes: Crimson

Hair: Black and to her ankles

Attire: lack pants, skull t-shirt, studded collar, and black combat boots

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Bio: Vannessa is a vampire, has no friends or family, and is not in a relationship. She rarely talks to anyone and is a Goth who loves Graveyard.

I drink the blood of the living, drain the life from their souls. I am very strong, fast, and amazing. But I don't like to brag too much, being a Vampire is amazing and I can kick anyone's butt. Not all of us are evil, but I might be.

(This is for roleplay, DON'T JUDGE ME)

romance/drama highschool rp ;D anyones welcome.

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March, 2013
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Name: Camilla Margarette Hemilton
Age: 17
Bio: Blond hair with pink highlights to feet, tall 6'6", bra size 42DDD, dark blue eyes, from the south, so has kind of a southern accent but not much of one, unless mad or excited.
Personality: shy when she doesn't know you, quiet, can be loud and extrivertive when with friends, loves all people but has hard time making friends, if she comes up to you first your lucky, very nice to friends, always has their backs and will do almost anything for her friends, very loving.


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