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Boarding School for Assassins. (ATJ)

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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You are a teenager, who is being trained to be a top Assassin. The school was founded by Silas grandington in 1808, but now it is 2013. There will be danger and adventure around every corner. The thing is, nobody knows about this school because it is underground, underneath the mansion that Silas grandington used to own. The mansion is now owned by the bank, and little do they know, that underneath it, is a Boarding school for teenage assassins!! 

No Godmodding
no perfect characters
No tlkin Lke dis
romance is encouraged but don't get too graphic.

Assassin Ranks:




Assassin Guilds:

Moonshadow: Dark, stealthy Assassins who play dirty, but are always efficient and go for logical reasons in which to play dirty.

Starglimmer: A kind, happy clan who are brave and loyal. They are masters of agility and combat.

Rocksolid: Are strong, serious assassins who focus on brute strength. They usually are very wise and    honorable.

​Goldenrod: Are Usually very Fast and quick. They focus on speed.


Guild ranks:







Dual wielded #######,

Hidden blades,



Brass knuckles,

A whip.



Assassin rank:
Guild rank:
Weapon of choice: (Up to two and only weapons on the list)
Bio: (no you'll see or N/A)

​-my Form:

Name: Kendall Scott
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Looks: Has shaggy blonde hair that falls into his Blue eyes, and he is tall yet thin. His assassin attire, is Blue.
Assassin Rank: Experienced
Guild: Starglimmer
Guild rank: Leader.
Weapon of choice: dual wielded katana and hidden blades
Personality: Is kind and Generous. He is a great vocalist. He is always happy.
Bio: he was sent here at 13 and has strived ever since.
Other: N/A

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Name: Fiammetta "Flame" Carson
Age: 13
Gender: female
Looks:  long wavy black hair up in a bun most of the time, dark sea blue eyes, dark black skintight long sleeve shirt with a small dark maroon Gemmi sign at the hemline, dark black skintight pants, dark black boots.
Assassin rank: Newb
Guild: Starglimmer
Guild rank: Newb
Weapon of choice: Scythe and Hidden Blades
Personality: shy, mysterious, dark, has trust issues.
Bio: Flame was raised with her twin brother Alex by they're nanny Francine. She was just dropped off there with Alex by they're mom who was a assassin-in-training there.
​Other: She hates her parents and her first name. She sprained her wrist skating and she is wearing a wrap on her left arm.

Name: Alexander "Alex" Carson
Age: 13
Gender: male
Looks: short to his ear wavy black hair , dark sea blue eyes, dark black skintight long sleeve shirt with a small dark maroon Gemmi sign at the neckline, dark black skintight pants, dark black boots.
Assassin rank: newb
Guild: Moonshadow
Guild rank: newb
Weapon of choice: Hidden Blades and Scythe.
Personality: shy, mysterious, dark, has trust issues.
Bio: (no you'll see or N/A) Same as Flame
​Other: He hates his parents and his first name.

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May I join? Here is my form.

Name: Vania "Vegas" Acros
Looks:  16 years old, Red hair, Red finger-less gloves that have a metal plate in the palm, Black long-sleeve shirt, Black glasses, Green eyes, Black jeans, Black shoes, Large scar from a sword cut, thin build.
Gender: Male
Assassin rank: Median
Guild Rank: Leader
Weapon(s) of choice: Kuni and Bo Shuriken.
Personality: Friendly and polite
Bio: He grew up being the fastest of his friends. Later in his life he grew up, joined the military and had been the top of his class, learning the combat style of S.C.A.R.S. His speed and versatility in the fighting style, and the power of his blows, made the military turn Vania over to the Boarding School for Assassins. He quickly ascended to the top of his class and became the leader of the Goldenrod guild in less then 2 years. He had then had time to perfect his skill, but spent that time, goofing off. He is not one to mess with, when you don't have your weapons on you, though.
Other: He once beat a kid so hard during his training, he had to leave campus to go to the hospital. All because of a small cut the kid put on his face.

Why Didn't you help?

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May I join? :3
Name: Amélie LaCollete
Age: 14
Looks: Long golden hair always put into a plait, tanned skin and bright green eyes. She is quite small, in height and physic. But she's still very powerful and strong.
Gender: Girl.
Assassin rank: Experienced
Guild: Goldenrod
Guild rank: Deputy
Weapon of choice: Whip and hidden blades.
Personality: She's extremely tough, and ignores the weak. She has a soft side, but rarely shows it. She's quite sarcastic and dark.
Bio: Her mother had been an agent for the French government and her father was an assassin. They had both died on a mission when she was eight. She was sent here a year ago, and never made any close friends.
Other: N/A

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Can't be bothered to do a form so...

i have a gun that shoots poisoned darts.
Aqua blue hair that is wavy and falls to hips. Eyes same colour as hair.
fringe covering scar across left eye...

name is Raven.Newman  
Is new to the school yet very talented.


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May I join?
Name: Brenna Collins

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Assassin Rank: Experienced

Guild: Rocksolid

Guild Rank: Leader

Weapon of Choice: Brass knuckles and hidden blades

Personality: Brenna doesn't have remorse for people who deserve to be 'eliminated'. She is also slightly arrogant, but she knows when to stop. She stubborn, fearless, and she always does what she wants that strangely always comes out right.

Bio: Brenna has been trained to be an assassin ever since she was nine years old, making her one of the most skillful assassin in her guild. The main reason why she enrolled herself is because rogue gang members killed her parents, she wants to get back at them.

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Please do! I'm so bored!


Posted almost 5 years ago

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"Raven1" wrote:

Please do! I'm so bored!

I have to wait until my form is accepted by the GM. So I can't roleplay yet... 

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May I join?

Name: Audrei 
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Looks: Black straight hair with faint pink highlights, brown eyes and dark skin
Assassin rank: Newbie
Guild: Starglimmer
Guild rank: Newbie
Weapon of choice:Whip and sword
Personality: Kind,shy until you get to know her,quiet,has an inferiority complex,kinda a loner and suffers mild depression.She also has anger issues. ( I wouldn't bring it up or she'll punch you in the face XD)
Bio: Abused by her parents to the extent of temporary madness.She murdered them accidentally on purpose and was adopted by her uncle and aunt after rehabilitation.After also being abused by her uncle she ran away.She lived in an abandoned house until she was kidnapped by an insane serial killer who actually just lower her self esteem to nothing.She escaped and came here,so she could learn how to protect herself and others

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