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i am a royal age nine and for roomate i would like my brother adam after and my name is  ashley ever after i didn't  show  adams because he never uses it oh and my parents story is they both were very good at everything ( thats what ever is short for ) and in the end got a job making fairy  tales happen like they would give a witch a real estate card for a house made of candy and i need to enroll because i need to check if the kids know my parents made there storys happen there parents got together because of my parents and done smile 

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Name: Verity Bunny
age: 17
gender: Female
parents: The Velveteen Rabbit
parents story:The Velveteen Rabbit
roommate: Elise Fox (Daughter of the Fox and the Cat)
secret Hearts desire: I've always aspired to be a seamstress!
My"magic" touch: I have the ability to turn any bunch of rags into a gorgeous dress (I possessed the magic touch of life from the fairy who gave life to my dad - but I use ti to make fablelous dresses!)
storybook romance status: I'm just a single stitch right now but I hope to one day make a spellbinding romance, no matter who the person is!
"oh curses" moment: I sometimes have a habit of my stitches coming out when I laugh too hard - I guess you could literally say I'm "in stitches"!
favourite subject: Home Evilnomics. I don't care much for cooking but sewing and textiles are right up my alley!
least favourite subject: Grimmnastics. I know I'm supposed to love running around and playing but it's not my style.
best friends forever after: Elise Fox (daughter of the Fox and the Cat), Marie Roux (daughter of the Red Queen), Seriah Spinster (daughter of Miss Havisham) and Lore Leaf (daughter of the forest sprites)
royal or rebel: Rebel - I wanna live big and make it to the catwalks some day, not spend my life as a child's plaything!

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