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Name: Vailley Evans Gender: Girl Angel Or Vampire: Vampire Personality: Shy and mysterious, haves a ###### for murderers, Dark but once you get to know her she's very nice and gold hearted Appearance Super pale porcelain skin, have very straight long black hair with bangs like a doll, Icy blue eyes that always looks so striking and shines like a diamond when light shone on them, thin cherry lips , Slender body, wears a uniform like in the anime Diabolik Lovers. Powers: Telekinesis, 23 Vectors, Teleportation and flying powers Magic Touch: She can resist drinking blood for a very long time Bio: Vailley was born half vampire and half diclonius , She spent her middle school life on a school only for vampires, She was expelled due to her rebel acts. Her Mother and Father sent her to a school with Angels and Vampires. Vailley refuses but forced to go to this school inorder to learn how angel behaves, Vailley's mother wants her to behave like the angels. She thought that maybe her highschool life wont be so bad afterall

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