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Celebs cartoon
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` ` The trouble with them is that they're all the same, ` `

` ` Forget the diamonds and pearls, they just want a ring, ` `

​Name: Peony Rosewood
​Nickname?: Just Peony!
​Age: Eighteen
​Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
​Parent & Fairytale: Rose-Red (Snow-White and Rose-Red)
Monarchia or Nebulon?: Monarchia


​Voice & Accent: A sweet, soft soprano with a very slight German accent.
​Clothing- Weekends: 

~Red and white polka-dot sundress
~Black ballet flats
~Black choker with rose pendant

​Clothing- Formal:

~Pink lacy halter top
~Flowing pink skirt
~Black heels
~Black choker with rose pendant
Clothing- Sleep:

~Pink nightgown
~Black bunny slippers


     Peony gives off the overall sense of a kind, caring person, contrary to your typical Monarchian. She's known as one of the few if not the only Monarchian who shows some form of kindness. Yes, even the Nebulones like her, for she will stop to chat with even the most extreme outcasts. Her charity and generosity knows no bounds, her being either admired or envied by just about the entire student body. Of course everyone loves her, she will give you a smile even if her own day has been awful.

     In addition to her great personality, Peony is extremely youthful and beautiful as well. She has a smile that immediately enchants onlookers, and even on her worst days she simply looks naturally gorgeous. Speaking of youthful, she has shown herself to be quite mature as well. Her words naturally seem like good advice, because she does give good advice. She's seemingly wise beyond her years.

    Of course, it's in Peony's blood to be absolutely vile. She was born to rule a kingdom, and the most important part of this is having completely control over her subjects. Her charisma is uncontested, and it's hard to argue with her perfectly stated points and "good" intentions. To increase her own social standing, she's played nearly everyone at the school like a fiddle, and she's reached the top of the social ladder in no time.

    In a race, can you get ahead without someone falling behind? Of course not. This is how Peony views life, pushing others down and using them so that she can reach the top. She believes just about everyone to be inferior, as trash simply to be used and discarded. She's devilishly good at convincing others of this as well, whether it comes to them or their peers. Often she'll shoot someone down with insults, then offer to help them improve. After using them, she convinces them that they did in fact achieve their goals. This is what makes her truly evil.


     Peony was born into a malevolent monarchy, responsible for the near extinction of the dwarves. She was raised along her cousin, them becoming almost best friends as they learned how to cater to the whims of the subjects, making promises then pretending to deliver. They became well versed in politics and combat, even taking time to play like normal kids occasionally. Her cousin dreamed of a kind and just rulership, and displayed this quite openly around her family. Peony thought the same thing for a time, until her cousin was poisoned at the age of 10 at her own birthday party. After this, Peony changed quite drastically. She realised the cruel realities of this world, and began to think that her cousin was deserving of this death, that her ideologies were as inferior as that of a lowly peasant. Peony followed orders and trained just like her aunt and mother demanded. Beginning to break down, her mental state was far from intact by the time she became a teenager. She was a natural fit for Mediocris Fabula. Although her family is far from famous, she plans to change that.



~Superiority Complex

​Fun Fact?: She absolutely adores teddy bears and collects them, even going as far as to have one on her at almost all time. She has no interest in any other toys, strangely.
​Code: True Villain
​Other Info?: N/A

` ` Before you know it you're like a dog on a leash, ` `

` ` Well you can try and change the world but you can't change me, ` `

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(I had to stop because of bed time)

Name: Matthew DunBroch
Nickname?: Matt
Age: 15, yet 16 in 5 role-play days
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Parent & Fairytale: Merida from Brave
Monarchia or Nebulon?: Monarchia

Ginger hair
Slim figure with a slight build
Blue eyes
Chiseled face
6' 1"
Voice & Accent: Scottish
​Clothing- Weekends: 
​Jeans that are a little big on him
​Gray short sleeved shirt
​Oatmeal over shirt that is typically rolled up just above his elbows
​Coffee brown heavy duty boots
​Clothing- Formal:
​Sky blue elbow-length sleeved dress shirt
​Smoky gray sweater vest
​Tan khakis
​Yellow tie
​Black dress shoes
​Clothing- Sleep:
​Blood-red long sleeved spandex shirt
​Black flannel shirt

Escalates fights quickly
​Fairly easily humored
​Secretly has a really soft heart
​Usually bitter
Gets excited really easily
Likes to pull pranks on others
Quite clumsy at times
Ironically forgetful
​When he was little, Matthew had gotten basically all of his skills from his mother, Merida. Though he didn't get much of his personality from her. Usually, he'd be in his room, on the top level of his home. He'd always be found either practicing archery, exercising because he's weird like that, or planning some sort of prank. Occasionally, because Merida told him to, he'd make some sort of tapestry because he secretly likes that.
Speed/Fast reflexes
​Short tempered
Fun Fact?: Matthew secretly has a dark mind.
Code: True Villains
Other Info?: Typically found with a bow and quiver

Yami and Yugi Hugging!!
Best Collage Ever About Pharaoh/Yami/Atem!!
Ha Ha Ha! Seto would NEVER say this! That

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[@Rose- Accepted!

@Snowflake- It's fine, just try to finish your form ASAP!]

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[@Snowflake- Accepted!

Also, bump!]

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(May I have a Monarchian [child of the Soldier from The Tinderbox fairy tale] and a Nebulone [child of Rumpelstilskin]?)

I.... lost all the pictures I had here.

But... I...

I'll need a minute.

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[You may, I'll reserve those for you!]

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