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Valentine's Day Dance (RP)

Celebs cartoon
Posted over 8 years ago

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A high-school Valentine's Day dance, and everybody is rushing to find a date. While Cameron, (me) is busy being herself, rather than that. Then one of her friends leaves her because she didn't find a date to the dance. It's Valentine's Day, the day of the dance. What will she do now? --------------------------------- FORM: Name: Age: (15 - 17) Looks: Gender: Clothes: Status: Other: --------------------------------------- Name: Cameron Age: (15 - 17)15 Looks: Brown, shoulder length, straightened, blond streaks, and brown eyes Gender: Female Clothes: Black skinny jeans, black converse with red laces, and her nickname "Cam" written on the front of them in red sharpie, and a black vest, with black and red earrings (Stars, of course) Status: Single Other: Skateboards, and falls a lot.

I'm Ivy.
Call me by my name.
It's the only name I've got.

Posted about 5 years ago

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Name: Violet
Age: 17
Looks: Black long  hair with violet highlights,blue eyes
Gender: F
Clothes: violet T-shirt, jean shorts, violet sandal  
Status: Taken
Other: N/A


Posted about 5 years ago

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Default girl
Name: Alezia Potts. 
age: 17
looks: light brown shoulderlength hair that is curled and twisted into a side bun. (Typical hair and clothes she wears...) 
Gender: female
Clothes: navy blue tube dress that fits her perfectly. High heeled brown leather ankle boots with a matching leather jacket. Simple diamond earrings but she has three piercings in on ear and two in the other. 
Status: single. 
Other: is a master at archery, never misses a shot. Whether you see them or not, Alezia ALWAYS has a bow and quiver of arrows with her. 

So don't you worry your pretty little mind! People throw rocks at things that shine smile

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