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Letter To Students-
Hello Student. I Am The Head Master Of The Academy of the Gifted. And We Have Chosen A Specific Group of Different People. And Since You Have Received This You have Been Chosen. All Students Must Sign In before Going To your Dorms. Its A Pleasure To have To Here At the Academy With Our Staff And Students.

Your Head Master And the Staff.

Rules Of The Academy-
1.On Campus There Will be No use Of Gifts To Cause Harm or Get You To Class On time.
2.If You Break A Rule Three Times We Will Ask you To leave. And If you Don't The Schools officers Will handle it.
3. Keep Up On your Studies or You Will have To Participate in Our Summer School program.
Please Follow All of These Rules.

Description of Yourself-
Eye Color-
Clothing- [That You Wear Out Side Of Campus. At The School You Have Uniforms.]

Dorm Room- { Dorm Rooms Are below This. }
Other- [ NOTE: Do Not be Perfect Or i Will Ask you To Be Less Perfect. }

Dorm Rooms-
Girls Rooms
Boys Rooms
3 To A Room Please.

Enjoy Your School Year At Academy Of the Gifted!

Your Truly,
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I Love You♥

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(is this like, superpowers gifted? or academically gifted?)

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