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Masquerade (restarted)

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Posted about 8 years ago

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Dear Student you've been selected to participate in our school's mega dance The theme for the Mega dance is love, but here are the rules. For one school week all 13-15 year olds shall be taken out of school to Japan, where the dance is going to be at but we are also going to stay at a hotel for two days since the day is for three days. If you want to be a Committee member, you must sign up for it quickly as there can only be 6-10 Committee members. At the Mega Dance, there shall be performances from 3 singers (one of them is me, but I'm leaving the other positions to the others who join and want to be one), and anyone who has an instrument can perform on stage, though there shall be a performance per day! There are only a few hotel rooms opened for the students who come to the dance, all with a balcony. No romancing to much, this is for a fun event, and you shall be kicked out of the program if you get to lovey dovey (meaning I can easily kick you out)! __ Please join the rp, and we start in the school the day before we leave to the dance. And more importantly, you can join if you write more than a few words, and have proper grammar Big Grin __ Hotel Rooms (Only 2-5 to a room please Big Grin) : Room AAA: Room BBB: Room CCC: Room DDD: Rom EEE: ___ Form Name: Age [13-15] : Hair: Eyes: Group (if in one): Committee/Not: Other: _ Name: Zhiana Age: 14 Hair:black hair, usually in a bun so no one actually sees how long it is or wavy since it grows tiresom for Zhiana Eyes: Lime Green Singer/Preformer/Not Applicant: Singer Committee/Not: Committee Single or Date: Single Other: Is going to be a singer for the performance, but no one knows that because she wanted it to be a surprise __ When three people come, we can start! Please join Big Grin

"I dare you all, Twilight lovers, to visit the Pottermore website. Watch that video and breath in the imagination and LOVE she had provided for all of us fans, and then tell me if you can still ridicule her work, call it stupid, lame, or gay. Because that is what imagination is." - Olivia


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