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soccer995 Lock
Member since:
January 2010

Posts: 4
Posted over 6 years ago
My teacher is always in my stuff. And my best friends. She doesnt like me because I played varsity soccer as a Freshman and her duaghter is in 10th grade and played Junior varsity. She is always taking my personal business and reading my personal paper's form other classes. She alway get's mad when she see me talking to my best friend or even saying hi. She even caled my mom and told her that I should be hanging around her just because. What can I tell the teacher? Back off!!! Devil

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GeekyZ_1367390 Lock
Member since:
October 2009

Posts: 8193
Posted over 6 years ago
Maybe she just wants to know you better? Maybe you could do a better job and she knows it and she wants to help you?

"I dare you all, Twilight lovers, to visit the Pottermore website. Watch that video and breath in the imagination and LOVE she had provided for all of us fans, and then tell me if you can still ridicule her work, call it stupid, lame, or gay. Because that is what imagination is." - Olivia


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