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At school a bully did that gimme you're lunch thingy. I said no! She puffed up went back and comes trying to throw instant-punches at me! She hit me I punched her back! Then the whole school encouraged us to, fight! Have you ever been in a... Bully fight?

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Zozzy x
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Yeh ! Well i dunno ! It wasnt a fight as such , it was more like a major argument ! One minuuite she was my m8t then she was my enemy ! i told her that she needed to get a life and walked off , she then started to follow me , So i told her to leave me alone , but she just kept following me ! She was ganging up on me with my old best mate , who is now my best-mate ! She only did it for attention , Oh yeh ! and the nxt day , Probz a week before she left our school , she wanted to start a fight at hometime in the middle of the classroom , So my teacher came over and had a word with us all a a group ! Silly thing to do really because she just swore at me and my other mate Chloe ! I was so embarassed because she swore in front of my teacher ! But shes left now ! Thank God ! Lol x Now im top of the class and can now do what i want ! TIP : Heres one tip , If you get approached by a bully , say what youve got to say and then ignore them !!! Raspberry That smiley is to the Bully !!! Raspberry

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