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HighSchool Is Here [Open] (RP)

Celebs cartoon
Posted about 6 years ago

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Default girl
This is about some friends that are going in too there freshman year, and there true feelings start to come out.. being love, hate.. just being friends.. lets find out..  Six spots open: Sophie: she loves cole and he loves her.. but she hates Kyler[TAKEN] Kyler; is in love with Sophies twin Jasmine.. but sophie hates him. Jasmine: loves Kyler.. dislikes Cole... Cole:Loves Sophie, dislikes  Henry Henry: Is dating Whitney.. he doesn't like cole, cause'  he used to dare Sophie Whitney: is dating Henry and dislikes well.. no one.. Name: Age: all 14 or 15 Looks Personality: Other:

Jasmine(olivia rocks) + Serenity(me)+ Zack/Jake(Vahid)= bffs forever+ever

I love Taylor swift

Loved you once love you still always have always will(:

Posted about 6 years ago

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May I be Cole and my own girl who is Kyler's sister and Sophie's best friend?

Hey People call me Erin and Ivy you rock.I love my buds and How to train your dragon rocks.

My two Epic Quote are:

"Your a foul loathful evil little cockroach" Hermione Granger talking to Malfoy

"Seaweed brain."Annabeth nick naming Percy.
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Family Orientated

Posted about 6 years ago

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HeyWink Can i be cole or henry thanks Winkxx

you only live once

So make the most out of it

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